AAA Forro (AAA for all!) is a proposal to provide quality spaces of business, leisure and production to the economically diverse Rio de Janeiro community of Barra. The project goals are: 1. Provide infrastructure and amenities to all types of businesses, corporations, small companies, restaurants, bars, and small farms. 2. Informally mix all aspects of daily life to provide emergent spatial conditions and micro-cultural situations. 3. Foster an environment of mutual gain and development for all inhabitants of Barra. AAA Forro seeks to use local moments of informal cultural to provide an armature for Cecil Balmond’s three principles of informality - “local, hybrid and juxtaposition”. The informal gives rise to ambiguity and new orders will emerge from cultural conditions rather than the current static hierarchies of class, wealth and social status.

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Fall 2011 Instructor: Keith Kaseman
Studio Barra Mega Mix - Advanced Studio V Columbia University