On an arid stretch of the U.S.–Mexico border, this new U.S. Land Port of Entry (LPOE) connects Mexicali, Mexico, with Calexico, Calif., a 40,000-person city whose infrastructure—including rail corridors, industrial parks, and an airport—is directed, in large part, toward servicing border traffic.

The project includes site design to systematize border traffic areas for customs inspections and offices for LPOE-related tenants.

Though a border station is sometimes imagined to be a booth by the side of the road, 21st-century LPOEs are, in fact, complex orchestrations of different scales of transportation, security, technology, and the architectural context of cities in different countries

Firm: Perkins+Will
Role: Project Designer 

Location: Calexico, CA
Size: 106,600 SF
Type: Civic, Government
Client: GSA

2013 Progrssive Architecture Award